Hey everyone! It has arrived! I bring to you my latest wedding video! This one was a special one, some of you know I took a trip earlier this month in which I was able to see some of my old pals from college, and be a part of this wonderful… truly wonderful occasion of these two amazing, AMAZING people Daryl & Samantha! It had been a long time in the making unfortunately life got the best of me and I worked on this video bit by bit, but I was fortunate enough to have been given some time and I was able to work on this with my full investment and now I bring this to you all! I hope all of you who watch it will one enjoy it, and two be encouraged by the joy and love displayed in these moments captured! May these two persevere in their marriage and bring much glory to God in their union! God is truly good! & I’m so glad to see the two together, and thankful to know ‘em!

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