This I know

That I walked along looked both to my right and left,

only to be bewildered by theft.

I turned to look behind,

only that, that which is behind, to my mind,


of how much I was blind,

and instead be it declined

and turn back forward to what is assigned, and so I looked above, and saw it, that which could not be forged by humankind,

a vast and unfathomable light that brightly shined.

This I seek

That life, however oblique

It may be, death to me will not be bleak

To the meek death is like the peak

Of this realm at least

For in the next no hurt no pain, no tear nor sorrow can compete.

This I know

Though this life painful it may be

At times present much grief

It will be only for a brief

For that those who seek that light

That in my ignorance I would fight

So now I urge the Word I wield

For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory that is to be revealed

I believe therefore that all will be healed

And thus yield

This I know

My brothers and sisters who have been, I will see again in the field

This I know.

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