Merino Art, is indeed the name I have chosen. Why? Well let’s first address the “I” in the previous sentence. My name is Miguel Merino, I’m a visual Artist based in Houston, Texas. I was both born and raised in the great Lone Star state of Texas… yes in Houston. In the years I’ve been in this great place, I have come across many things all, whether “good” or bad” all has helped in the molding of character and the development of the trades I’ve found myself participating in. Some of those trades of which have been more notably recognized, are in the field of Visual Arts; for example, Photography, Videography, Realistic Drawing & Painting, Graphic Design, Illustrations, etc. Though recently; by that meaning, in the last two years, I’ve been in the trade of carpentry. In these two occupations of mine, visual arts and carpentry I seek to serve people, and devote my entire being to that, in hopes of making this gift of life, a worthwhile experience.

I had fairly decent run in this business’ predecessor. Previously to the initiation of this “restored’ business of mine. Around 2016-2017 I began a small photography business, as around that same time I had gained some mastery on the camera, so I sought to similarly provide said service to friends and family. It was a very lowkey project and I had taken on the name “Make Art With Mike”, and in acronym form “MAWM”. To be frank I wasn’t exactly all too fond of the ring it had, but hey I was explorin’ and testin’ out a way on how I’ll eventually arrive to what I have now. & here I am now. This Merino Art project began around 2018, but didn’t officially launch “till around late 2019, and began getting customers/clients all throughout then and 2020. We are now in 2021 nearing 2022… time flies my friends.

So why Merino Art, well as I mentioned earlier Merino is indeed my last name; however, that was not entirely the reason as to why I chose the name this little business of mine “Merino Art” has. In part yes to form some sort of legacy to this last name, in honor of my family… but also in large part, referencing Merino Wool. Merino Wool, around the globe is regarded as some of the finest, or best quality fabric to be used for clothing items. This is due to the respective care and breeding techniques that took place all the way back to the 12th century and on to the 18th century. The origin of the name Merino is widely disputed, but doing quick google search you’d get results often associated with these fine-wool sheep. Having personally attained Merino-Wool clothing items, I can attest to it’s claim, and it is indeed fine and well crafted. All this to say that as Merino Wool is highly respected and regarded as some of the finest out there, I too hope to achieve and provide my services with similar finesse, for so it is my effort that my Merino Art will be as fine as Merino Wool!

Merino Art, as Fine as Merino Wool.